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    Hi there,

    We're the husband and wife duo behind Jumble Gut Lane.  

    We're based in Papamoa Beach, Bay of Plenty but with the beauty of online shopping we can ship our goodies anywhere in New Zealand.

    Describe Jumble Gut Lane in one sentence?

    Our vision for Jumble Gut Lane is to stock cool shit and brands that do good shit, basically.

    Where did Jumble Gut Lane come from?

    Russ and I have always wanted to have a cool online shop as Russ's background is in retail and mine is in writing and marketing.  I was reading the awesomely cool mag Frankie and came across a brand we both loved.  In the same issue was an article around 17th Century slang and there was one called Jumble Gut Lane.  This is what the article had to say about it's meaning:

    "Any rough or bumpy road. But why? If you've ever bounced along a back street dotted with potholes, you'll be mighty familiar with the resulting scramble tum - the inspiration for this 17th-century phrase. Use it in a sentence: Mary so wished her new beau didn't live at the end of jumble gut lane.  A queasy stomach, as it turns out, does very little for a women's libido. 

    We've felt as if we'd been down Jumble Gut Lane a few times over the last few years so boom - name chosen!

    Tell us about the range?

    What we can tell you is when we load up the products we have a good giggle! Sure there is quite a bit of profanity but we think that's really healthy and for those who don't like it we still have some beautiful designs to choose from.  Personally, nothing gives us more pleasure, and better health, than saying Fuck It. True. 

    The brand and products we stock also has an environmental and giving back values system which is another of our pet loves.  The designers are amazing and every single item we genuinely love. 

    We want people to enjoy and react with happiness when they get their hands on whatever they choose. 

    What's it like working as husband and wife?

    Russ is from London and I'm a kiwi girl and if we can make that work we can make anything work haha.  We have a couple of teenagers we're very proud of and who are great kids 90% of the time and 10% of the time, well - you know for fuck's sake! We have a cat called Frank who is gorgeous 50% of the time and a pain in the arse 50% of the time.  

    Plans for the future? Dreams?

    Just keep providing cool shit that does good shit, to live debt free, maybe live in a eco-village (my dream) and for Chelsea to win the Premier League (Russ's dream),

    Oh and get a hummingbird tattoo (also me)

    Here is a pic of some of our beautiful family and us  ... Russ is the one in the grey Adidas tee shirt and I'm the one in orange he's hugging (not strangling!)