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    Start The Day Off Right

    Start The Day Off Right

    Ok so not every morning do I wake up feeling great especially if I have the mind monkeys chattering loudly.

    Here are a few things I do to try and get my mind shit together:

    • grab my darling little dog, Billie; and go for a quick walk. Even 10 minutes up to the round about and back gets me out of my head and into someone else’s beautiful flowery garden
    • sit down, take a deep breath and do my Affirminators Cards. Seriously I love them because they remind me how good I’m doing, how strong I am, how shit happens but it doesn’t last forever etc 
    • do a few squats in the garden and when I say few I really mean few. I reckon if my solar plexus chakra/core feels strong I feel strong in myself for the rest of the day
    • when I remember to I do my grateful journal and in that I also set out my intentions for the day like Be Proud, Be Confident, Be Kind and to myself too

    When we created Jumble Gut Lane our aim was always to make people feel happier, feel better about themselves, laugh at the shit stuff and remind us that we’re only human and we’re trying to do the best we can. We hope you know we just want you to be happy too xx



    3 Top Blue Q Gifts For The Mums & Dads Of This World

    We all love our kids right but sometimes parenting is a challenge!

    What’s one way to handle all these challenges? Humour has to be one of the best ways to deal with stress and that’s why our Blue Q I Love My Asshole Kids socks and oven mitt are the perfect items to remind us to just laugh it off!

    Why don't you buy now and get the perfect matching gift?

    Next up on the parenting list is this beautiful woven Blue Q cotton tea towel - What Was I Thinking. This has to be the cutest tea towel that brings a knowing grin and has to be a must have for a baby shower gift! 👶


    If your looking for an original baby shower gift or adding a bit of humour to your day choose from our range of products. You’ll feel the stress disappear and a smile take over instead 😄

    Grumpy Old Man Socks

    No wonder you bloody grumpy right? First of all you have to work hard all week dealing with a few dickheads and then you have to come home and work on or around the house. So yes you're grumpy but we know you're a lovely bit softie inside who does everything you can. Hats off and socks on for you 





    Top 3 Blue Q Women’s Socks For A Day At The Office

    Top 3 Blue Q Women’s Socks For A Day At The Office

    What shall I wear today? How about you start with matching your bad ass attitude with some kick arse socks for a great day at the office!

    Here’s our top 3 Blue Q Women’s Socks picks so you feel confident, empowered and ready for whatever comes your way:

    1. Blue Q | I’m A Delicate Fucking Flower

    These Blue Q Women’s socks really make a statement and the fact they’re bold and bright makes them even better. Match with a great pair of trousers and a big smile and go smash the day ahead

    Blue Q Women’s Socks | Delicate Fucking Flower

    2. Blue Q | This Meeting Is Bullshit

    Like the men’s version this is the perfect accessory to and day filled with meetings that can seem endless and unnecessary. Sit there feeling strong and powerful ready for any tricky questions. You’ve got this 🤛

    Blue Q Women’s Socks | This Meeting Is Bullshit

    3. Blue Q | Put Em up

    Choose this sassy ankle sock that will make you feel fit for a fight even if it’s just with that self doubt negative talk you keep repeating in your own head. It’s time to stop girl and put me up!

    Blue Q Ankle Socks | Put Em Up

    Top 3 Blue Q Men’s Socks To Wear With A Suit

    Top 3 Blue Q Men’s Socks To Wear With A Suit

    Did you know one of us at Jumble Gut Lane used to work in tailoring in London? Well it’s a fact so who better to ask for the top 3 Blue Q men’s socks to wear with a suit?

    Here are his top 3 picks because of their corporate look and feel as well as their style and sass:

    1. Blue Q | Busy Making A Fucking Difference

    We all want to feel like we’re making a difference at work right.

    If you’re feeling it and you want to clap your hands then these socks are the ideal acccessory. Super swish harlequin design and toe heel that pack an empowering punch 🤛

    Blue Q Men’s Socks Busy Making A Fucking Difference

     2. Blue Q | Ringmaster of The Shit Show

    Sweet heavens above if you’ve ever managed a team, a project, basically anything that involves people you know at times it can feel like you really are the ringmaster of a shit show for a whole raft of reasons.

    Wear these smart socks underneath your trousers and feel a sense of humour and perhaps hope 😊

    Blue Q Men’s Socks | Ringmaster if this shit show

    3. Blue Q | This Meeting Is Bullshit

    If you’re going into your next round of meetings and feel desensitised or lethargic we think this toe heel sock will give you a real lift. Only you know you’re wearing them and when you get asked to explain why you haven’t hit budget this month then at least your socks have your back (well your feet but you know what we mean) 😉

    Blue Q Men’s Socks | This Meeting is Bullshit

    Why don’t you choose a pair of Blue Q Men’s Socks for everyday of the week? They’re smart in more ways than one and they look great and feel great all day 



    Fuck This Shit Moments

    Fuck This Shit Moments

    i like to call those times when you just can’t take any one else’s shit or life’s shit - Fuck This Shit Moments.

    You know the ones when you’re having a good week and someone comes along and just ruins your day. It could be at work where you’ve made the slightest mistake but you can’t let it go. You think over and over again “how did I do that, why did I do that blah blah”. You know what you need to say - Fuck This Shit! 

    Fuck This Shit Oven Mitt

    It’s that internal negativity that’s worse than the actual bloody thing that happened right! So here’s what you can do:

    - go for a walk, run, stretch whatever you can to move and shake it off. For me it’s walking and I swear it’s stop me from losing my absolute shit

    - write down all the awesome things you are in 5 minutes now! Don’t dwell on the shit stuff because let’s face it none of us are perfect 👌 

    - let it out and let it go. Do you have someone to vent to? Vent away - it’s only venting and it’s good to let shit out and shit go

    What other tips do you have that works for you in those fuck this shit moments? Please tell us because I’m bound to need it again soon 💗

    Fuck This Shit Blue Q Sock